— Some of the Best parts I keep hearing from my job are: 
“Thank you for coming Juan Diego, you always support us”
“We are happy that you are coming here all the way from Pittsburgh!”
“I heard so much about you!, oh my God! haha I finally met you”
“Thank you for representing them in court” (Translation and help with Latinos)”
“Thank you for helping me promote, donate your time, and work for the event”

Me when talking about payment: “I don’t ask for money unless it is really involved in the business profit” (meaning no Non-profit) 
or “Find me a Wedding, Birthday Gig, that’s how you can pay me, refer the good people, Talk to them about ” DJ Juan Diego Inc”

— When Playing for a specific group of Latinos or other ethnicity:
“How did you know about this music?”
“You are Puerto Rican djing in a ( Mexican) (Brazilian) (Indian) (Peruvian) Colombian) (Argentinian-Chilean wedding) (Country-top40 Wedding), (arab mix music party), I cant believe how well you know what do we like”

Club Owners/Promoters: Even Yesterday…
“Thank you for helping him (another DJ)”
“Working together has increased the value of our dance community, no matter what do we have to share”
“It’s amazing to work with you and not get in the habit of robbing, taking, stealing other people’s ideas. I’m glad we can work together”

Ps. “I don’t always show what I do, but when I do, I prefer professionalism”

INFO TEXT: 412.980.7653


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