EVERY WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY at the Los Sabrosos – Pittsburgh at 4909 PENN AVE, Pittsburgh PA 15224
Wednesdays: $3 10pm -1:30am
Saturdays: $7  9:30pm – 2am

Many Sundays I play at the Salsa FUNDAY DJ JUAN DIEGO INC and RITMO CON SABOR 6:30pm – 10pm
April 27th, May 4th, May 11th, and May 18th
Address: 283 NorthGate Drive, Warrendale, PA  

Fridays Latino are coming to a new location.


New Rumba Nights every Saturday and Wednesdays


First official Saturday RUMBA night, LOS SABROSOS and DJ JUAN DIEGO INC opens up the New Location on the weekends at 4909 Penn ave, Pittsburgh PA…  Few blocks from Children’s Hospital, Lawrenceville.. 

PROJECT 73 WILL BE Spinning, SALSA, Bachata, Mambo, Cha Cha, Guaguanco, Pachanga, Merengue and much more in the new Hardwood floor!!

Cover $7 ( $9 with Lesson)
9:30pm – 2am
Info text 412.980.7653



Tonight starts the NEW Wednesdays/Saturdays VENUE: RUMBA NIGHTS: 4909 PENN AVE, Pittsburgh, PA (Few blocks from Children’s Hospital) STARTS TODAY APRIL 2nd 2014!!!!!


* READ: Last 5 years of Salsa, Never the Same:
Mexico City Restaurant- 409 Wood St, Pittsburgh, 15222:
DJ Juan Diego Inc
Closed on March 31, 2014 Officially.  I can tell you, no one has ever or will experience the same feelings I had to go through.  My heart is broken and Happy at the same time since we do have people, investors who believe in us, the Djs, Instructors, and Live Bands for future Latin Music Entertainment Business.  Its has been almost 5 years but it feels like 10 at the same time.  I remember when we started, first time, We did had a Local Mexican Band at the time, with a Made up Stage on top of benches with doors and wood panels…  then we started the Salsa Nights on Saturday, we tried, were only the employees, the owners, investors at the time, plus people coming in and out dancing in the first floor.. didn’t work, we started making videos of only us dancing even to 80’s Music I was playing, somewhere in Dec 2009 I believe…   
Then, a a Huge Saturday Salsa Night, started off much better with a Live Salsa band, forgot who, back in March 2010…. 

*** No club has introduced more than us, we brought Grupo Wepa, Grupo Pa La-K-Ye, Sammy De Leon y Su Orquesta, Mambo y Swing, Los Boyz Del Merengue, Esencia Latina, Grupo Fuego, Sabor Latino, American Latin Orchestra = ALO, Azucar!, Noel Quintana and His Latin Orchestra, Grupo SON BORICUA, Jontre (colombian), and many other Salsa/Merengue/Bachata Mix bands… 

DJS Like, DJ Nacho, DJ Guiro, Pandemic, Project73, DJ F15, DJNdamix, DJ oso, Sonido Azteca, Sonido Leo 90 Stereo, Sonido Arthur, DJ RA, DJ Ryan Mitchell, DJ JEFF SHIREY, DJ K, DJ VIC, DJ Corre Caminos, DJ John Buzilow, DJ Renzo, DJ Carlton and Many others I can’t remember right away…

BIG MEXICAN Music BANDS LIKE: Diana Reyes, Brazeros Musical, Autoridad de la Sierra, Exterminador, Los Razos, AK7, and many more, like 50 other bands more ( I WILL Edit this post) 

We throwed the Best in Themed nights… some of them original or mixed…

— I guarantee you that this movement didn’t grow by itself but with the help of all of you, the comments, we always listen, or try to, the music requests to satisfy you, all of it…  and I can guarantee almost Everyone in the City Should have understand that without a place Like this, You won’t have seen that much action for Salsa in the Burgh, and We did EXCEED our LIMITS and did OUR BEST TO BRING THAT TO YOU… 

* I want to thank Alberto Martinez, and Agustin Garcia specially for believing in me at first, they took it very seriously, but after they seeing me at Altar Bar hosting Mexican Concerts back in 2008-2009, and Latin Music at Azteca Mex in Shady Side, and Matrix, Dance Cafe, Shootz Cafe, plus another 50 places, they saw the motivation I had to continue this art…   without their decision, I was not going to be where I am now.  They Push up to the limits, They didn’t care how bad or good it could go, they just throw Ideas, and I executed them and add to it, then later in the Years, I became a mastermind like them and introduce my own Baseline Promo, flyer distribution, Internet Marketing Explosion and much more. 

* This Venue Was known worldwide before you even know it.  Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Italy, I had people sending me messages to my emails years ago even from France asking about this venue….  but yeah, I have a lot of secrets about that… We didn’t even need Newspaper to make us BIG, we didn’t need Coronas, or Vodka, or DOS XX to do us a favor, we did it a humble job creating the most crazy crash Salsa Latin Concerts by word of mouth…  by calling and texting, then later flyers, then muchhh later lots of Internet Marketing..   just like the old days… 

* I Want to Thank DJ Jeff Shirey from Salsa Fridays at Cabaret at Theater Square for always keeping an EYE on me, on my listing and being so helpful for the community.  I understood most of Jeff’s Point of view and Agree to mutually help each other before I was even getting better at this. without Him I would not have succeed in many gigs!! 

Vj Juan Diego VII had a long personal Life experienced, history from good and bad.  Mexico City had brought me unique moments of Life, moments that I don’t regret, and history I won’t forget. I keep silent on this subject   the most I can. 

* I want to thank Catherine for being the #1 most inspired dancer, she had won my respect, even from Azteca Mex, she has followed where the “GOOD VIBE” is, or the best in Music Mix and People too!!!  

* I want to thank Nicolette for coming out to Pittsburgh few years ago and believe in the city, integrate into Mexico City Salsa studio upstairs, Great idea to invest that brought her to her new PLACE for Wednesdays and Saturdays: @[208748252494983:Los Sabrosos – Pittsburgh] building: RUMBA NIGHTS ( INFO 412.980.7653 )

* I Want to thank Sonny for always supporting me and Agustin on this path, he have been always representing Pittsburgh Out of of the City, LIKE Washingotn DC, Las Vegas, and many other Salsa BIG CITIES…  without Him, I would not have met awesome Open minded Salseros, Bachateros, plus his Ideas always intrigued me.. 

believe me, there is so many people I want to thank…  but this is endlesss… 

No ONE, can’t say, they don’t know about Mexico City, it has become the History of the Mid 2000’s and beginning of 2010’s ERA… 

Thank you for your support, We gladly miss you….